How It Works

A digital solution built by technologists and industry specialists, RealtyCMS focuses on solving the bottleneck of real estate sales process and empowers agencies to provide a project listing, marketing, and price list updating platform. Liberate agents from massive and tedious information processing and focus on acquiring clients and closing deals.

Step 1

Create & Publish

Publish Projects & Properties database

Create Marketing Materials & Library

Agent and Sub-Agency Management


Step 2

Collect & share

Access and search Database

Collect and share marketing contents

Marketing Landing Page for each agent


Step 3

Acquiring Clients
Agents & Clients

Prospect Client through digital channels  

Build Professionalism and Trust 

Impress and Converse

RealytCMS, Real Estate Professiona’s Personal Assistant

Using RealtyCMS, real estate professionals can save information processing time, such as checking Price List, digging into massive Dropbox folders, and generating sales advice to client, by 80% on average. This means your agents can focus on customers acquiring and deals closing, and can leave a great professionals impression and last point of difference to their clients.

old way
RealtyCMS’s New Way

Key Features