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External Sales Companies Management

You can efficiently manage your relationships with external sales companies and empower them with exceptional tools to deliver outstanding results.

Easily invite and manage external sales companies, authorise their involvement in your projects, and let them operate within their expertise while maintaining your control and supervision.

Communicate with sales partners through the RealtyCMS platform. Send direct in-app messages and emails to external sales companies, ensuring they receive important updates and information in a timely manner.

Designate exclusive floor plans or units for specific sales companies to incentivise them to collaborate more effectively and achieve excellent results.

Thriving Real Estate Sales Community

Join a vibrant community of real estate sales professionals to expand your network and increase brand influence.

Join RealtyCMS, a thriving and rapidly expanding community of real estate sales professionals. Benefit from the increasing number of companies joining our platform and connect with a diverse network of industry experts. Stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on the collective knowledge and experience within our rapidly growing community.

Utilize RealtyCMS’s powerful network, which includes contact information for over 3000 real estate sales companies. Gain access to their contacts, establish valuable connections, and enhance your sales coverage and brand visibility.

RealtyCMS has global coverage, including China and other international markets. Leverage the platform to tap into new markets, connect with international buyers, and maximize your sales opportunities worldwide. Expand your reach, gain local insights, and achieve global success with RealtyCMS as your trusted partner.

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