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Why is marketing for new projects
Disorganised New Projects Information

Is your sales team struggling with the chaos of managing new property information? Important documents are scattered across various cloud storage platforms, making searching for specific details like addresses, prices, and schools difficult. With outdated and incomplete information, your sales team feels unprepared and frustrated.

Difficulty in Creating Marketing Materials for New Projects

Are you facing challenges in producing effective marketing materials for your new projects? Marketing Materials from Developers lack personalised contact information for sales representatives and are often not mobile-friendly. Moreover, meeting the diverse requirements of customers becomes a time-consuming and costly process, hindering your ability to establish a professional image and provide a seamless customer experience.

Solutions from RealtyCMS

Revolutionary Cloud Storage Solution for New Projects

  • Mapping Price Lists to Floor Plans: Seamlessly Connect Pricing and Layouts

  • Google Maps Integration: Effortlessly Locate Project Sites

  • Built-in Cloud Storage: Simplify File Management

  • Automatic Integration of School Catchment and Suburb Details: Valuable Insights at Your Fingertips

Interactive Map View: Discover, Explore, and Search with Ease

  • Discover the Power of Location: Unleash the potential of RealtyCMS’s interactive map view to explore authorized projects and gain valuable distribution insights.

  • Transportation Advantage: Evaluate the unique transportation benefits of each project through highlighted routes, including convenient light rail lines.

  • Effortless Search and Informed Decisions: Easily find projects based on desired price ranges and top-ranked public schools, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize the potential of each location.

Automated Marketing Material Generation

  • Generate personalised marketing materials for sales representatives based on the developer’s brochures, images, videos, VR content, etc.
  • Automatically generate customised proposal PDFs for clients based on project-specific information, with the ability to edit them quickly on mobile devices.
  • All marketing materials include sales representatives’ contact information and professional headshots.
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RealtyCMS has improved my sales game. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make managing property documents and accessing key information a breeze. The automatic integration of school catchment and suburb details helps me provide valuable insights to clients. With RealtyCMS, I can generate personalized marketing materials and stay ahead in the competitive real estate market. Highly recommended!
KK How
Real Estate Sales Director
Thanks to RealtyCMS, my sales performance has skyrocketed. The platform seamlessly integrates property data, including school catchment and suburb details, giving me an edge with clients. The easy-to-use map view showcases project locations and transportation advantages, helping me close deals faster. RealtyCMS offers excellent value for its price, a must-have tool for any real estate sales professional.
Daniel Brown
Real Estate Sales Representative
RealtyCMS transformed my selling process. The automatic integration of school catchment and suburb details simplifies providing accurate information to buyers. The intuitive interface allows the quick generation of personalised marketing materials, setting me apart from the competition. RealtyCMS is cost-friendly and feature-rich, perfect for sales professionals looking to excel in the real estate industry.
Sherry Lee
Real Estate Sales Representative

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